Flow Chair Yoga

*Seated and Standing / No Floor  

Perfect for seniors & anyone who doesn't want to get up and down off of the floor.  This is a vigorous class. You will get a work out and then a lovely guided meditation including Lavender essential oil.

Monday 10 - 11 am Chair Yoga - 
Flow Supported Vinyasa Flow 
The Little Chapel on The Boardwalk
2 W Fayetteville St.  Wrightsville Beach NC

​​ **NEW CLASS**

Wednesday 10-11 am Chair Yoga - 
Supported Vinyasa Flow
The Little Chapel on The Boardwalk
2 W Fayetteville St.  Wrightsville Beach NC 

Friday 10 - 11 am Chair Yoga - 
Supported Vinyasa Flow
Cape Fear Chiropractic & Wellness Center
6768 Gordon Rd. Wilmington NC​​ 

Drop in rates:  $10  /   10 Class Card $80


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All levels welcome!
We will begin with a centering, helping us to relax and begin to find our breath.  We warm up the body by moving through Asanas (Postures). Our practice will include seated, standing and reclined postures.  Our session will end with a guided relaxation and meditation accompanied with lavender aromatherapy.

Bring a flat sheet or Large Towel - if you only have small towels - Bring 2. 

You will leave these classes stronger, more flexible and relaxed.​

CHAIR / SUPPORTED YOGA: This class is for anyone who doesn't want to get down on the floor!  We get an excellent work out and stretch.  This class also begins with a centering followed by Asanas accompanied with relaxing music. Every class is ended with a guided meditation accompanied with aromatherapy. 

Drink water before you come to class and drink plenty of water after class.  You want to have eaten something but not a large meal within the last 1 1/2 hours. 

Individual, Partner, and Group Sessions Available
Offerings: Vinyasa Flow, Partner, Beach & Chiar Yoga
60 Min Yoga Individual: $60
Additional people $10 each
90 Min Yoga & Reiki Individual: $90
30 Min Reiki: $45
60 Min Group Yoga: $90
Guided Mediation 50 min: $50


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